Welcome to my blog and thank you for sharing my passion for online communities and collaboration.  In the world where we are faced with conflict and brutality on daily basis, it is so great to know that we can all still be part of something bigger and help one another virtually.  I have truly been amazed at the kindness, patience, and the extent of help I have seen exchanged in online communities and that’s precisely what we need more of, using the technology for good.  I have spent several years monitoring a community in different capacities for the organization I work for and have learned a great deal.  In the spirit of sharing, I  wanted to document my observations, successes, and shortcomings.  Just like many of you, I feel a lot of my career moves have happened inadvertently and by chance, I have been tasked with roles and responsibilities I was not always prepared for, but managed to rise to the occasion and succeed.  Through my blog posts I hope to share how being Accidentally Me, and being a community manager has shaped me and hopefully provide you some guidance on your journey to becoming a great community contributor.