Can Artificial Intelligence really replace Community Managers?

As technological improvements and innovation continue to amaze us on daily basis, it’s hard not to think about the implication this will have on humans, the jobs they do, and how they can prepare for the future.  The fact that it is hard to explain to my parents what my job involves now as a community professional, or even some of my friends who are my age, and I can’t even begin to think of how I will someday guide my children on how to prepare themselves for the future of the job market.  My parents could tell me that computers were going to be important as I went through my education and encouraged me to learn the basics, but I am certain that back then they couldn’t have even dreamt of what the job market offers now.  A bit of a side note, but when my grandma came to visit me for the first time in Canada, she used to sit there watching me do my homework, typing away on my computer, in awe, as this was probably not something she thought she would see in her lifetime.  We all spend good chunks of our spare time interacting with friends, foes, and strangers through various social media channels, and it is a relatively new phenomenon in terms of really understanding and applying that the information we are able to gather from those interactions; granted the analytics technology is catching up quickly and community professionals and companies are not far. Continue Reading…

Gratitude Attitude


This morning I received some sad news about someone’s unsuccessful battle with cancer, and in combination with the holidays approaching, thinking about the very eventful 2016, and the sappy holiday commercials it all made me think about gratitude.

In this extremely fast-paced world, filled with negativity, it is hard to stop and remember to be thankful and also to make time to thank others who have helped us along the way.




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The sometimes unsung heroes, The Community Managers

When I originally set out to write this blog, I was actually not aware as to how much information is available out there for community professionals.  While it is a very new profession, given the nature of the job, I really should not have been this surprised that the other community professionals are only too eager to share their discoveries and best practices.  In keeping with the theme of accidentally me, I really wanted to explore the human factor of community professionals and community users and address some of the obstacles we all face in our roles. Continue Reading…

The tricky task of keeping the Community Engaged

In one of my previous blogs I said that not being social (as in not participating in social media world) is not even an option, but how do you keep the community involved and coming back to the social channels your organization has decided to participate in, becomes an interesting enigma.

“If you build, they will come…”


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Diversity, Making Community Management Great

It almost seems redundant to call any of the social media tools, global.  Anyone who has access to the internet (with a few exceptions) can access any other site, social network, conversation going on anywhere else in the world.  Social media  has made the world feel smaller than ever and one can engage in a conversation with just about anyone anywhere else in the world.



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Can Social Community Strategy also be your Case Deflection Strategy?

blog5To go social or not to go social is no longer the question or even an option.  Today it is difficult to continue building a strong brand and staying connected with your customers without using the glamorous, cool and hip social media tools.  One of my first experiences as a community manager was within a technical support department that was hoping to use the community to deflect cases amongst a number of other objectives.

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Can a Community make you a Product?… or maybe even Human?

Last night I attended a talk by Seema Lakhani, on the topic of “I am a product”, where she discussed how product management techniques and principles can be applied to turning yourself into a marketable product.  It was not just about how to promote yourself, but it was also about how to figure out what you are passionate about and what problems you enjoy solving.  Ultimately the big question everyone should ask themselves is: What are you trying to achieve and how will you know you have succeeded?”.

This got me thinking about how one can use their contribution to online communities to build themselves as a product. Continue Reading…

Who’s the Boss?

When creating and moderating the community, the question of who is in charge is always a tricky one.  You as the creator and host might think you should be able to dictate what happens in the community, you will have ideas as to how everyone conducts themselves, the type of information that it will host, share and receive, and the tone the governs the community. Continue Reading…

Motivating the Community




Online communities and other forms of social media can be great resources, a way to promote your organization and products, provide resources, but also a great way to interact with customers, and other members of the industry.

So we spend all this time designing brilliant sites, with enticing content in hopes to get the  community engaged, but what really drives them to participate and contribute to the community. Continue Reading…