Who’s the Boss?

When creating and moderating the community, the question of who is in charge is always a tricky one.  You as the creator and host might think you should be able to dictate what happens in the community, you will have ideas as to how everyone conducts themselves, the type of information that it will host, share and receive, and the tone the governs the community.

Anyone participating in communities usually feels like the community is their oyster to share what they see fit, and that it is an avenue for them to express their views.  Ultimately, neither can really be the boss if you want to have a flourishing community; it is a fine balance of give and take, and compromise, and agility.

While you can curate the content, and set the tone, it is the community participants that will determine the dynamics in the community.  This could seem a little scary and cause you anxiety over what will become of your community, but it shouldn’t.

We cannot control how others behave or what they say, but there are a few things you can do to ensure that the participants in your community feel safe, and inspired to contribute.  Most communities that you join will make you accept the terms of use and can set the expectations, and protect users against any abuse and bullying. In addition, if you are seeing behaviour that is unfavourable the offender can be forwarned and reminded of the terms of use.  What you also see is that you won’t have to do all the policing yourself.  Avid community participants care about the community and will also remind others of best practices.  I have seen this a number of times.

The participants might have their own ideas but also tend to mimic what others are doing in the community.  They will be the ones encouraging others to respond, reward or

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